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The latest and most powerful version of TOP PRODUCER® 7i continues to lead the market with its on-going features and FREE Upgrades - all from TOP PRODUCER® Systems.

August 2006
Yet another Major Upgrade to the TOP PRODUCER 7i Program.  We are continually Upgrading the TOP PRODUCER 7i Family to ensure that you - the User, have the latest in Technology and that your Software reflects our commitment to you

Exciting Features - here is a list of just some of them:

  • Data Access, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Automatic Networking
  • Community Reports (School & Community Data (USA  only)
  • No more installing of Software and/or Upgrades
  • No more Synchronizing of Multiple Computer stations
  • Internet  CMA's, Buyer presentations and Home Market Reports
  • MARKET PROSPECT released (Only for use in USA)
  • Improved Word Processing (HTML capable) & Flyer Design
  • E-Mail a Flyer, Weekly Report or CMA - uses Acrobat.PDF files
  • Free Upgrades automatically update your system
  • Unlimited Toll-Free Technical Support (Monday - Friday).
  • Data conversion to 7i can be performed on TOP PRODUCER 6i, TOP PRODUCER System 6 and TOP PRODUCER 5.1 for Windows.
  • We can move Data into TOP PRODUCER 7i from the following: ACT! 200, Agent 2000, Online Agent 2000, PREP 4, GoldMine 5.7, Maximizer 6, Outlook XP, 2000,98 & 97, Outlook Express 5.0 & 6.0
  • TOP PRODUCER 7i finally, offers you a variety of affordable subscription options. You can subscribe as a single agent, or as an agent with assistants.  Additionally, we have Partnership & Team versions, together with "Assistant" Licences (at a lower monthly cost!)  to suite your working needs. Partner and Team subscriptions give the Team leader the ability to coordinate schedules and Appointments with other Team members and also to share a database with other agents. The new automatic networking capabilities also make it a breeze for a group of agents to share an assistant most effectively.
  •  If you wish to get Pricing information for a Group of TEN  Agents or more, please contact me for a Price Quotation at the contact points shown below.


For More Information Contact:

MaxSolutions Group
889 Arnold Crescent, NEWMARKET, ON  L3Y 2E4,  CANADA
Tel: 905 967 1087
FAX: 905 883 9857
E-Mail: info AT MaxSolutions.ca
Web Address: www.MaxSolutions.ca


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