Coldstream Guards

Nulli Secundus- Second to None


Branch 36 is put into Suspended Animation

Please contact the President & Chairman of the Association for information concerning the Coldstream Guards Association - Branch 36 Canada

Effective this date, (01 August 2012), we regret to advise that the Coldstream Guards Association, Branch 36, has regretfully, been placed in "Suspended Animation" - This means that although we are still in existence here in Canada, we are not active,
- primarily as a result of declining membership due to one of those life changes we have to accept,
that of increasing old age and its attendant infirmities and the decline in activity of active members due to that state

To all our members - Thank you for your tremendous support over the years
. . . . . we are Standing Down . . . . . .

President: Mr. W.G. Gregory, CD

Chairman/Acting Secretary/NL Editor: Mr. W.G. Gregory CD

E-Mail to Chairman:
Tel: 613 - 392 - 8683

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